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World market leader. Wish-granter.
Master in Metal.

High-tech meets craftsmanship. Passion meets expertise.

Our roots are in Emmerich on the River Rhine, yet today the whole world is our home. Aquatec is an owner-managed global player. And as the global market leader, we’ve been committed to making our customers successful worldwide for more than 20 years now.

“Master in Metal” – that’s our claim. Large workpieces, complex challenges and enormous technical creativity are our speciality. We’re delighted and proud to be meeting the needs of our customers – among them the who’s who in the fields of architecture, automotive engineering, railway technology, aerospace, facade construction, art and machine tools. We help make your wishes come true – anywhere, on any scale and in any material.

We can’t wait to get to know you!

About AQUAtec

AQUAtec Master in Metal was established in 1999 as a waterjet cutting technology specialist in Emmerich on the banks of the River Rhine, a stone’s throw from the Dutch border.

Over the years, our owner-managed company has developed into a global player, and today we are a world market leader and a hidden champion among SMEs with our high-tech machinery, outstanding technical know-how, experienced team and rich expertise in supply chain management – the foundation for successes throughout the globe.

Over the last two decades, our firm has developed a unique skillset and capacity for manufacturing very large parts or for components presenting complex challenges.

We implement them in a profitable, optimized production process on 6000 square metres of floor space – on schedule and in certified quality without deviating from your design brief. 

Everything from a single source: as a one-stop shop, AQUAtec can organize and oversees the entire added value process for its customers on request – from the planning phase to on-site assembly and final acceptance by the end customer.

The who’s who in the fields of architecture, automotive engineering, railway technology, aerospace, facade construction, art and machine tools number among AQUAtec’s customers.

As a mid-market, owner-managed company, we at AQUAtec attach great importance to the continuing professional development of the people who work for us and to their involvement in all key processes. We regularly train talented youngsters in our industry’s typical professions.

AQUAtec has an exceptionally motivated team, who identify strongly with their work and with us as an employer. That all adds up to a productive working environment, an optimal workflow – and ultimately top quality and reliability at the service of our customers.

Founders and owners

Lucia Esposito

CEO & Managing Director

Since founding AQUAtec in 1999, Lucia Esposito has embodied the company with relentless passion, dedication and competence. As CEO of the AQUAtec Group, she oversees all aspects of finance and controlling.

After originally training in business management, Lucia Esposito gained an additional qualification in marketing and quality management. She is also responsible for quality policy design and management, marketing and PR as well as personnel development and team building as defined by DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

Lucia Esposito speaks German, English, French and Italian. She has a number of supplementary qualifications from Specialist Manager for Marketing through Personality Development, Conflict Management and Time Management to TÜV-Certified Auditor Quality Management.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys Western riding, hiking, animal communication and skiing.

Martin Meenen

General Manager

Master in Metal through and through: ever since AQUAtec was established in 1999, Martin Meenen has stood for its values with untiring commitment and total expertise.

Martin Meenen co-runs the company as Technical Director, Group Managing Director and Key Account Manager in charge of sales strategy as well as process and production control. He is Head of Strategy and New Markets, and additionally responsible for ensuring that all major projects for the international market are completed without a hitch.

Martin Meenen speaks German, English and Dutch. He has a master craftsman’s qualification as a mechatronics fitter and is also a European Welding Specialist and trained welding specialist with VT / DP certification as well as an expert for production control, process optimization and 5-axis machining and automation.

In his private life, he loves speed and action. Motor racing, cycling and skiing are just three of his hobbies.

Sustainability & innovation

Sustainability is part of our quality policy. All processes and workflows strictly conform to the seven principles of quality management. They are transparent and verifiable for all employees and project stakeholders.

Every AQUAtec employee is involved in process design, and their ideas and capabilities regularly serve as input for the continuous development and improvement of our work and procedures.

Environmental protection is a top priority at AQUAtec along with occupational health and safety. Energy consumption and energy sources, groundwater protection, waste prevention and responsible disposal are environmental measures which we take for granted.

AQUAtec has sustainability certification to DIN EN 14001 and operates an occupational health and safety system based on DIN EN ISO 45001. Innovation is the essence of our work.

Our machines and technologies are state of the art and our solutions distinctive and customized. 

Social commitment

AQUAtec is a global player with strong roots at its headquarters in Emmerich on the banks of the River Rhine. We get involved in the local community – for example, by serving on various Chamber of Industry and Commerce bodies or as a member of the General Assembly and the Industry Committee.

Our sponsorship of, and support for, local schools and sports clubs is a matter particularly close to our hearts, and we regularly make financial donations or participate in festive activities.

Last but not least, we are committed to Emmerich’s town improvement scheme, which we take pleasure in supporting with locally built products and components.

Careers for team players

The AQUAtec team consists of around 70 highly qualified employees and seven trainees.

As a prosperous, growing company, we are always on the lookout for people with strong technical and social skills who are keen to become a part of our success.

Go to our Careers page for information on current vacancies and training opportunities.