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Project support and project management.

At your side every step of the way

AQUAtec: Guaranteed hassle-free service. We’re at your side from the initial idea right through to your project’s successful completion. Trust in our many years of experience supporting and managing the most demanding projects – from architecture through art to engineering.

As your reliable and highly competent partner, we’ll be happy to lead you and guide you as you move from one milestone to the next – from ideation and the bidding and planning phase through material selection and procurement or processing and manufacturing strategies to the development of assembly concepts, the preparation of hazard assessments, continuous quality controls on site and assembly supervision as well as final or completion acceptances with the end customer.

The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can do something about it. We're there to help!

Our services in detail


We set the right course of action for you early on during the bidding and planning phase. That way, you and your customers are protected from unpleasant surprises, time-consuming detours, costly amendments, disputes and debates.

The better the path to the final goal is planned and marked out, the more efficient and the smoother the journey – with delighted customers, motivated employees and satisfied partners.

Expertise and experience are decisive when it comes to charting the optimum course of action during the bidding and planning phase.

With AQUAtec, you have more than 20 years of project experience and successes at your side.


The selection and procurement of the most appropriate materials are fundamental for your project’s success. An extensive knowledge of all potential materials, their properties and benefits and the possible alternatives is central here.

When it comes to procurement, we also set great store by the logistics processes, because a material needs to be not only ideally suited but available reliably just in time.

It’s worth taking a look at the details too. Even packaging options and surface specifications can make a big difference.

With AQUAtec, you’re on the safe side where material selection and procurement are concerned.


Choosing the right processing and manufacturing strategy is critical not only for the quality of your project results but also as regards costs and planning predictability. The actual manufacturing costs are one thing. Outlay for upstream and downstream processes or steps requires equal consideration.

What’s needed is an economical production process without compromising quality or reliability. Without the right strategy, that’s impossible! Rich expertise, a determined approach and meticulous care are vital.

AQUAtec has the know-how and the experience to handle even the most complex projects.


A manufacturing strategy can only ever be truly effective if suitable software exists to enable the 3D design of all workpieces and components to be systematically incorporated.

With AQUAtec, you have many years of practical experience in technical implementation at your side. We consider your wishes and means from a 360 degree perspective.

The result is a made-to-measure strategy that reflects our high level of vertical integration and – where necessary – establishes connections to partners who are just perfect for the production chain.

Experienced product designers and advanced CAD / CAM and ERP software ensure that manufacturing drawings and plans are optimally extrapolated.


We carry on adding value when others have long since quit. With a blend of resourcefulness, creativity and expertise, we get the maximum possible leverage out of your technologies and expand them flexibly using state-of-the-art instruments and resources. The very best for you in terms of quality and quantity.


Project roadmaps and procedure planning are never “off the peg”. That’s why, at AQUAtec, we develop roadmaps tailor-made for your project: realistic, reliable and to budget. We engage with you during the planning process, just as we do with suppliers.

We prepare best and worst-case scenarios for your project plan and roadmap to give them a sound foundation that is secured many times over.

By continuously fine-tuning the project milestones, we ensure reliable progress and smooth processes, which are often reflected in an improved cash flow. Our experienced project managers and their teams keep a close watch on your timeline.


Precise inspection plans are a key condition of accurate, transparent, meaningful and seamless quality controls – with no ifs or buts. That’s why, at AQUAtec, only trained specialists with plenty of relevant expertise will be charged with developing the inspection strategies and plans for your project.

The necessary quality is assured from the outset: we give you a documented guarantee that every step and every work result is in conformity with the required, and permitted, specifications.

That protects you from expensive surprises and retrograde amendments. And it also means you can set your sights – and focus your energy – firmly on the future.


The right thing at the right time in the right place. It sounds simple but it can be a daunting challenge, especially with complex or international projects. With AQUAtec, you know your workpiece will be available exactly when and where you need it.

Regardless of the quantity or size, the infrastructure or the local language, the means of transport or the distance travelled, we make sure your components are reliably packed, shipped and assembled.


The AQUAtec assembly team are trained and qualified to roll up their sleeves and lend a helping hand directly on site. And the first time a particularly complex and demanding job is handled by AQUAtec, the boss travels to the site in person to supervise.

From continuous quality controls during assembly through assembly supervision to final or completion acceptances with the end customer, AQUAtec is a competent and relentless partner all the way to your project’s successful conclusion.

That’s why our continuous quality controls also include production and the final assembly on site. A clear and valid concept defines who should complete, check and accept what, where and by when.

The AQUAtec assembly team have been specially trained and qualified to assist on site if necessary or on request under the supervision of a highly qualified project manager.

When especially challenging or complex activities are finalized for the first time, Martin Meenen – our Technical Director and General Manager – oversees the work personally. And when assembly concepts have to be developed or hazard assessments prepared, regular spot checks are part and parcel.

An experienced specialist for quality management takes care of the daily quality and process inspections. The hazard assessment is assigned to a highly qualified, external occupational health and safety expert.

Direct, ad hoc feedback meetings with the interface team at the customer’s or their partner are something we take for granted.


Success all round & guaranteed hassle-free service with AQUAtec.

  • 20 years of experience worldwide
  • 360-degree project expertise of a global market leader
  • Exceptional reliability and top certifications
  • Partner from the initial idea right through to the final acceptance by the customer
  • Made in Germany by people who care