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Surface treatment

  • There are umpteen reasons why it might be necessary or desirable to treat workpiece surfaces. We choose the optimum surface treatment technique depending on your project and your individual requirements.

    For example, if your workpiece needs to be prepared for gold plating, we polish or grind it. And if you want your workpiece to be coated, we recommend galvanizing, blasting or anodizing. If you’re planning to modify the material structure, hardening could well be a viable option.

    AQUAtec has a large, ultra-modern grinding machine directly on the premises. Our experienced specialists in the AQUAtec workshop make sure your project is realized to perfection.

    And if they consider it to be necessary or advisable, we don’t hesitate to cooperate with audited local or international partner firms.

    If it’s good for the quality of your workpieces, we’ll do it. In our quest for the best possible expertise, we make no concessions to vanity.

  • Function Make Control Machining / work space Comments
    Wet grinding machine for quarto plates Costas / STS Siemens 1.300 x 6.000 x 100 mm 4 units, gantry loader and turning drum
    Long belt grinding machine KBM / MFF 97-150 1.000 x 5.000 x 100 mm
    Various grinding and polishing machines Suhner manuel 5.000 x 5.000 x 100 mm For mirror-polished stainless steel parts
Grinding (up to 12 metres)
We create both technical and highly decorative surfaces with a wide range of roughnesses on our long belt grinding machine. In addition to automatic machining of large sheet and component surfaces, we also carry out manual grinding work on complex 3D contours. We can handle any component up to 12 metres in length.
On the blasting machine for non-ferrous materials in our state-of-the-art blast room, we can machine workpieces up to 10 metres long for you. The surfaces of your aluminium, stainless steel or titanium parts are assured an optimum finish every time. We at AQUAtec use a special mixture of abrasive stainless steel shot and grit for perfect deburring and clean, homogeneous surfaces.
Manual polishing of visible metals
There are many different aspects of polishing – and we’ve mastered them all! Take mirror polishing, for instance. We polish the material exactly the way you want it – with the highest levels of precision and craftsmanship. The mirror-polished surface reflects light in such a way that the beholder perceives it as a natural sheen. We’re also more than happy to carry out any downstream steps for you too, like gold plating.
Facade glazing
Using our glazing system, we create facade elements tailored to each customer’s individual needs. We meet the most diverse functional requirements of glazing from weatherproofing, translucency, transparency, stability or look and feel through thermal insulation, sun protection and burglar proofing to special surface properties. We’ll gladly also provide you with decorative features such as fine lustre strings in the glass frame. Put us to the test!
Coating, galvanizing, painting, gold plating
We at AQUAtec can process a wide variety of materials. To enable us to offer the best coating process whatever the material, we cooperate where necessary with leading and highly qualified partner firms. That way, we can satisfy even the most specific customer wishes.